Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Mothers Regarding Oral Hygiene and Dental Caries Among Children: A Systematic Review

KAP of Mothers Regarding Oral Hygiene and Dental Caries in Children


  • Zunaira Iqbal University Dental Hospital, The University of Lahore
  • Seema shafeeq Operative Dentistry Department, The University of Lahore
  • Tahira Ashraf University Institute of Radiological Sciences and Medical Imaging Technology
  • Wamik Ehsan Operative Dentistry Department, The University of Lahore



Oral hygiene, dental caries, dental disorders, KAP, mothers, maternal


Oral hygiene is an important factor in determining good health especially among children. The role of mothers is inevitable in helping their children learn basics of maintaining good oral hygiene. However, the literature is unclear about the exact role and fulfillment of the learning outcomes about oral health given by the mother Objective: To review knowledge, attitude and practices of mothers regarding oral hygiene and dental caries among children Methods: Original observational studies of any sort, both descriptive and analytical and any design were included. PRISMA guidelines were followed to search literature through free web search sources such as google scholar, PubMed, Web of Science and others and BOOLEAN search strategy was opted Results: The total number of subjects included in 9 selected studies were 9,481. All studies reported that mother’s KAP as well as involvement in children’s oral hygiene and care is an important determinant to prevent risk of dental caries as well as to improve overall oral health Conclusions: Mothers have a significant impact on oral health of children. Mother’s good knowledge, attitude and practices may help develop good oral hygiene of the children and may reduce risk of dental caries.


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