Evaluation of the Causal Factors of Complications Following Ileostomy Closure

Causal Factors of complications following ileostomy closure


  • Zulfiqar Ali Shar Khairpur Medical College Khairpur, Pakistan
  • Zahoor Hussain Khairpur Medical College Khairpur, Pakistan
  • Siraj ud Din Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jillani Institute of Medical Sciences, Gambat, Pakistan
  • Iftikhar Ahmed HBS Medical & Dental College Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Farman Ali Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College Sukkur, Pakistan
  • Aijaz Hussain Memon People's university of Medical & Health Sciences SBA, Nawabshah, Pakistan




anastomotic leak, ileostomy closure and ileostomy stroma


To estimate the causative factors of complications in ileostomy reversal. This study was conducted at the Department of Surgery Khairpur Medical College Khairpur Mirs from January 2021 to December 2021. Methods: This analysis comprised 52 patients selected consecutively who underwent ileostomy reversal within one year. The study excluded patients under 12 years of age. All patients were followed weekly for three months. The main measure of outcome was the occurrence of surgical complications within 30 days of resolution. Results: 52 total patients of ileostomy closures were analyzed to evaluate features contributory to mortality and morbidity. There was no death in this study, but the complication ratio was 15.4% (8 patients), the most common complications were leakage of anastomosis 4 (7.7%), infection of wound 2 (3.8%) and intestinal obstruction 2 (3.8%). The anastomotic site closure technique, primary stoma closure, surgeon's experience and stoma type were important contributing factors. Conclusions: We determined that ileostomy closure is related with several problems but not cause any death. The techniques of closure of the anastomotic site, the surgeon's experience, the type of stoma and the technique of closure of skin were forecasters of complications


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