Emerging trends in Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Tumor

Emerging Trends in Brain Tumor


  • Rashida Perveen Department of Allied Health Sciences, Superior University, Lahore
  • Muhammad Naveed Babur Department of Allied Health Sciences, Superior University, Lahore
  • Noor Ul Ain Shah Department of Allied Health Sciences, Superior University, Lahore
  • Adnan Hafeez Department of Allied Health Sciences, Superior University, Lahore
  • Sadia Sabir Department of Allied Health Sciences, Superior University, Lahore
  • Tahreem Fatima Department of Allied Health Sciences, Superior University, Lahore
  • Rai Shahzad Ali Department of Allied Health Sciences, Superior University, Lahore
  • Aiman Faizan Department of Allied Health Sciences, Superior University, Lahore




MRI, PET, Imaging Biomarker, Nanoparticles, Response Assessment, Brain Tumors


Brain tumors are rare but have high mortality rate among children and young adults. The purpose of this report is to portray the situation of imaging strategies and advancements for distinguishing reaction of cerebrum tumors to remedy within the placing of multicenter medical trials. Inside as of now utilized advances, usage of institutionalized image procurement and the usage of volumetric appraisals and subtraction maps are likely going to decorate tumor notion, depiction, and dimension. Throughout the subsequent couple of years, new innovations, for instance, 23Na MRI and CEST imaging improvements may be investigated for their usage in growing the ability to quantitatively photo tumor response in order to provide remedies in a scientific trial placing. The combination of poor visualization and absence of remedial choices urge the need to enhance clinical results for patients experiencing CNS malignancies


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