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Title of Journal: Pakistan Biomedical Journal (ISSN Online: 2709-2798, Print: 2709-278X)

Frequency: Monthly

Affiliated with: Lahore Medical Research Center

Website: (www.lmrc.com.pk)

Published By: CrossLinks International Publishers (CLIP), Lahore, Pakistan

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Pakistan BioMedical Journal (PBMJ) is an Official Journal of "Lahore Medical Research Center LLP" (LMRC) and is being funded and supported by Lahore Medical Research Center LLP (LMRC). Pakistan Biomedical Journal (PBMJ) is an open access, double blind peer-reviewed international journal. 

Aim & Scope

The Pakistan BioMedical Journal (PBMJ) covers a diverse range of disciplines crucial to healthcare and academia. This includes Public Health, Clinical Sciences, Dentistry, Nursing, Medical/Health Professions Education, and Biological Sciences related to human health. By embracing such a wide spectrum of topics, PBMJ aims to serve as a comprehensive platform for the dissemination of research and knowledge, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and advancements in understanding human health and well-being.


Approved by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for the year 2023-24

Fee & Subscription Charges

Article Processing Fee: NONE

Article Publication Fee (National) Rs 35000 / Article

Article Publication Fee (International ) 200 USD / Article

Printed Version ((Selected Articles on Authors Request): Rs 2500/per copy

Annual Subscription for Printed Versions

For Institutes: Rs 20,000/ Annually

Single Copy (Selected Articles): Rs 2500/-

Waiver Policy

If an author has no funds to pay such charges, he may request for full or partial waiver of publication fees. The decision may however vary from case to case.

We do not want charges to prevent the publication of worthy material.


Submission are welcome and may be submitted here. submissions@pakistanbmj.com

Current Issue

2024: Volume 07 Issue 5 (May Issue)
					View 2024: Volume 07 Issue 5 (May Issue)
Published: 2024-05-31


  • Exploring the Risk Factors of Eye Health and Dementia: Insights and Implications

    Riffat Mehboob
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.54393/pbmj.v7i05.1094

Original Article

  • Ethical Literacy in Medical Education: A Comparative Study of Medical Ethics among Undergraduate Students in Peshawar, Pakistan Ethical literacy in Medical Education

    Khansa Khan, Salman Zahir, Marwa Shaukat, Abdul Muqeet Ahmad, Muhammad Abdullah, Kabir Iqbal, Syeda Romesa Sana, Shumayel Ashraf, Amber Ahmad Khattak, Muhammad Nabeel, Somia Mazhar, Jamal Shah
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.54393/pbmj.v7i05.1086
  • Audiology and Hearing Health in Islamabad and Rawalpindi: Awareness Perspective Audiology and Hearing Health

    Ghulam Saqulain, Asma Pervaiz, Laiba Qazafi, Khadija Zahid, Muhammad Abdul Sami
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.54393/pbmj.v7i05.1087
  • Predictive Association between Perceived Social Support and Infertility-Related Stress in Married Couples in Pakistan Infertility-Related Stress in Married Couples

    Amna Abdul Ghafoor, Rabia Mushtaq
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.54393/pbmj.v7i05.1079
  • Prevalence of Depression in Physical Therapists Versus Nurses in Karachi Pakistan Depression in Physical Therapists Versus Nurses

    Sabina Anwer Ali, Komal Jamil, Prem Lata, Vinesh Kumar, Obaida Arzoo, Muhammad Faizan Hassan, Sara Aamir Abro, Lubna Ilyas
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.54393/pbmj.v7i05.1093
  • Exploring the Connection Between Myopia and Personality Traits Myopia and Personality Traits

    Maryam Jabbar, Saqib Siddiq, Faisal Rashid, Hafiz Muhammad Usman Akhtar, Shamshad Ali, Rana Naveed Iqbal, Khadija Jabbar
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.54393/pbmj.v7i05.1090
  • Anxiety, Perceived Risk, Psychological Satisfaction as Correlates of Consumer Acceptance of E-banking in Pakistan E-Banking Acceptance in Pakistan

    Rehan Sohail, Syed Shoaib Nazir, Abia Nazim, Umer Chaudhry
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.54393/pbmj.v7i05.1089
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