Normal Doppler Ultrasonography Indices of Bilateral Common and Internal Carotid Arteries”. A Cross Sectional Study

Normal Doppler U/S Indices of Carotid Arteries


  • Qurat ul Ain University of Management Sciences & Technology Lahore
  • Shazia Rehman Imperial College of Business Studies Lahore
  • Furozan Baig University of Management Sciences & Technology Lahore
  • Arifa Mobeen University of Management Sciences & Technology Lahore
  • Sania Maqbool University of Management Sciences & Technology Lahore
  • Mohsina Nasim University of Management Sciences & Technology Lahore
  • Amtullah Ansari University of Management Sciences & Technology Lahore
  • Sara Fatima University of Management Sciences & Technology Lahore



Doppler Ultrasonography, Internal carotid artery (ICD)


Carotid Arterial Intima Media Thickness (CA-IMT) is taken as an important indicator of atherosclerosis with increasing age and long-term exposure to particulate air pollution associated diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cigarette smoking, alcohol usage, drugs, deranged lipid profile and high cholesterol, high salt and fatty diet Objective: To evaluate the Doppler ultrasonography indices of common and internal carotid arteries on both sides in normal individuals. Methods: A prospective comparative cross sectional study was conducted at Imperial Diagnostic and Research Centre, Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore, Pakistan for a period of four months after the approval of synopsis. Convenient sampling technique was used and all patients visiting us during study interval of and fulfilling the inclusion criteria were included. A total of 50 participants age range from15 to 68 years, were included. Aloka Prosound α 5 SV, equipped with linear array probe with frequency of 6-9MHz, was used. All the participants, who were normal volunteers, were subjected to B-mode imaging and color-coded Doppler ultrasonography of their common carotid arteries and internal carotid artery in supine position. Baseline investigation was taken for blood pressure (BP) during resting phase. Participant’s age, weight and height were also assessed and recorded on questionnaire forms. MedCalc was then used to apply relevant tests for statistical analysis. Repeated Measures ANOVA was performed to see the difference between the values taken during supine and standing position on each side. Results: The IMT showed significant positive correlation with the age in both right and left CCA and ICAs. EDV values of right CCA showed significant positive correlation and RI and PI showed significant negative correlation with age. PSV and SD values of left CCA and PSV of right ICA showed significant negative correlation with age. Left ICA diameter and PSV showed the significant positive correlation with age. Conclusion: The study provides the information about normal Doppler indices which might be useful in the evaluation of cases of carotid artery diseases. These figures can be used to gain a better understanding of the aetiology of ischemic strokes in the brain.


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DOI: 10.54393/pbmj.v5i6.566
Published: 2022-06-30

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