Pain Catastrophizing in Adult Females After Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty

Adult Females After Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty


  • Maryam Sharif Pulse Medical Complex Paragon Lahore
  • Muhammad Nouman Tabassum Lahore College of Physical Therapy LM&DC
  • Sania Maqbool Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation SHS (School of Health Sciences) University of Management & Technology, Lahore
  • Hafiz Muhammad Uzair Asghar Department of Applied Sciences Lahore College of Physical Therapy LM&DC
  • Muniba Naveed Rehmat Khan Memorial Hospital Phalia
  • Eiza Shamshad University of Sialkot, Sialkot
  • Muhammad Naeem Atta Mansoorah Teaching Hospital
  • Iram Niaz Quaid-e-Azam Educational Complex, Sahiwal



Pain catastrophizing, bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty, Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS).


Total Knee Arthroplasty is a procedure used to ease the pain and improve functions after degenerative joint diseases e.g. osteoarthritis. One of the complications of TKA is pain catastrophization. Pain catastrophizing is a characterized by the tendency to magnify the threat value of pain stimulus. It can be assessed through PCS which is a 13-item standardized tool for assessing pain catastrophizing. Primary objective of the study was to find the pain catastrophizing level in adult females after bilateral Total Knee Replacement. Objective: This study aims to highlight the importance of pain catastrophization in females who have undergone TKA so that it will alert the rehabilitation experts to plan the post-operative management keeping in view respective levels of pain catastrophization. Methods: This was a descriptive case series study in which 30 patients were included in study according to inclusion and exclusion criteria according to non-probability convenience sampling. All females were included in the study with same baseline characteristics. Literature was reviewed for the given study from EMBASE, MEDLINE AND PsycINFO. Questionnaire included in the study was PCS. Results: The statistical result of Rumination with the mean of 11.63, Magnification score with the mean of 1.98 and Helplessness score with the mean of 12.13 was obtained. Total mean score of pain catastrophizing was 29.500 and SD ±6.273. Conclusion: Pain catastrophizing after bilateral TKR is one major complications in females. That resulted in score of 40% Rumination, 19% Magnification and 41% Helplessness.


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