Effect Of Hand Grip Strength and Endurance on Writing Speed ¬¬Among Students of DPT In AMNC

Hand Grip Strength on Writing Speed ¬¬Among Students


  • Khushbakhat Butt Rehab Care School for Special Children, Lahore
  • Sania Maqbool Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation SHS, University of Management and Technology
  • Urooj Fatima Rehab Care School for Special Children, Lahore
  • Madiha Arif Rehab Care School for Special Children, Lahore
  • Ammara Arooj Rehab Care School for Special Children, Lahore
  • Laiba Amir Rehab Care School for Special Children, Lahore
  • Falak Noor Ability Plus, Lahore
  • Bayyaniha Zaheer King Edward Medical University, Lahore




Grip strength, Endurance, Handwriting speed, Healthy young adults, Gender


Hand grip strength is a measure and indicator of general strength of upper limb as well as general body strength. The grip strength varies in different populations and regions due to difference in genetic makeup, nutritional habits, body type and level of activity. ADLs of upper limb depend on strength and endurance of hand as greater the strength and endurance greater the performance. Objectives: To find the effect of handgrip strength and endurance on handwriting speed. Methods:  Associational study included 113 healthy young adult students. Convenience sampling technique was used. Dynamometer was used to measure the hand grip strength and endurance in a standardized manner. Letters per Minute test was used to assess the handwriting speed. Dynamometer is an instrument with excellent validity, consistency and reliability. Results: The hand grip strength and writing speed was moderately correlated as (r 0.559) and the hand endurance and writing speed was moderately correlated as (r 0.57). Conclusions: We concluded that hand grip strength and hand endurance have positive moderate effect on writing speed. Exercises that increase hand strength and endurance can increase the writing speed and ultimately academic performance of students.


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DOI: 10.54393/pbmj.v5i8.718
Published: 2022-08-31

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Butt , K. ., Maqbool , S. ., Fatima, U. ., Arif , M. ., Arooj, A. ., Amir, L. ., Noor , F. ., & Zaheer , B. . (2022). Effect Of Hand Grip Strength and Endurance on Writing Speed ¬¬Among Students of DPT In AMNC: Hand Grip Strength on Writing Speed ¬¬Among Students. Pakistan BioMedical Journal, 5(8), 22–26. https://doi.org/10.54393/pbmj.v5i8.718



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