Patient Satisfaction with Manual Physical Therapy Care

Balance Training and Coordination Exercises for Post Hemiplegic Stroke.


  • Syed Muhammad Faizan Zafar Hospital, Lahore Pakistan
  • Sidra Afzal Riphah International University QIE Campus Lahore, Pakistan
  • Hafiza Neelam Muneeb Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Riphah International University, Lahore. Pakistan
  • Khurram Sarfraz Riphah International University QIE Campus Lahore, Pakistan
  • Hamad Ali Rising Sun Institute for Special Children DHA Lahore, Pakistan
  • Kiran Haq Rawal Institute of Health Sciences Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Faizan Hamid Department of Allied Health Sciences University of South Asia Cantt Campus Lahore, Pakistan
  • Hafiz Rana Muhammad Arslan Department of Allied Health Sciences University of South Asia Cantt Campus Lahore, Pakistan



Patient satisfaction, Musculoskeletal care, Manual therapy care


Patient centered approach is the cornerstone in health care facility. Therefore, patient satisfaction is of utmost importance. Factors related to satisfaction of patient in connection with manual therapy practice are not evaluated. Objective: The purpose of this survey was to evaluate satisfaction of patient receiving manual therapy for their musculoskeletal disorders in Ali Hospital Lahore, Pakistan. Methods: A retrospective survey of 82 male and female patients in the range of 18 and above years was conducted in 2021 for the patient who had availed the services from Ali Hospital. These patients were recruited through simple random sampling only to refrain from biasness. Patients were enrolled according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. Results: In current study, among 82 patients almost 31 will undoubtedly and 31 will most likely suggest manual therapy treatment to people close to them. While the remaining 20 participants did not show any interest of suggesting this therapy.  37.80% participants showed more satisfaction towards manual therapy treatment and close association found between patient satisfaction and experience of physical therapist. Patients showed higher level of satisfaction when treatment was done by experienced skilled Physical Therapist. Conclusion: Current study reveals that there is higher customer satisfaction from the skill of Physical Therapist but the follow up exercise plan at home is considered worthless by the recipient. Manual therapy provides more relish. Similarly, the results demonstrate that female recipients are more satisfied from physical therapy in this scenario as compared to males.


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DOI: 10.54393/pbmj.v5i7.630
Published: 2022-07-31

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