Frequency of Gastrointestinal Diseases Diagnosed on Barium Contrast Studies

Frequency of Gastrointestinal Diseases


  • Aneeqa Khalid University Institute of Radiological and Medical Imaging Sciences, University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus
  • Akash John University Institute of Radiological and Medical Imaging Sciences, University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus
  • Abid Ali University Institute of Radiological and Medical Imaging Sciences, University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus
  • Narjis Batool University Institute of Radiological and Medical Imaging Sciences, University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus
  • Areej Zamir University Institute of Radiological and Medical Imaging Sciences, University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus



Barium, Gastrointestinal, patients, dyspepsia, gastric ulcers


Barium is a non-invasive, low-cost imaging technology. Gastrointestinal (GIT) symptoms are common and have significant economic and social implications. Objective: To determine the frequency of gastrointestinal diseases diagnosed on barium contrast studies. Methods:This research includes 125 participants suffering from Gastrointestinal Diseases. The research was carried out at a secondary care private sector hospital in Gujranwala, Pakistan. The information was gathered between January and April of 2022. All patients who were recommended for barium examinations and those who had never surgery before were included in the study. Images were obtained for research objectives immediately after barium was taken orally. SPSS version 20 was used to enter and evaluate data. Results: Out of 125 Patients about 62(49.6%) were male and 63(50.4%) were female. The age ranges from (13-88 years) with a mean age of 48 years. The patients diagnose on barium study shows 11(8.8%) gastric ulcer, 7(5.6%) patients Achalasia, 19(15.2%) Diverticula, 10(8.0%) esophageal stricture, 13(10.4%) esophagitis, 5(4.0%) GERD, 7(5.6%) pyloric stenosis, 5(4.0%) SMA syndrome, 2(1.6%) others, and 46(36.8%) patients had normal radiological findings. Conclusion: Barium studies are a sensitive and reliable approach to identifying gastrointestinal problems. The barium studies should reclaim their place as a primary diagnostic tool by complementing endoscopy to provide physicians with information regarding the nature of the lesion


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DOI: 10.54393/pbmj.v5i5.511
Published: 2022-05-31

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